All permanent make-up procedures are multi-appointment procedures. You are required to come back between 4 – 12 weeks for your second procedure before it can be determined that your procedure is complete. The second procedure is recommended but is not compulsory.

Permanent make-up is not a science but an art, and an adjustment of colour or shape can be done and is often required.

When your initial procedure is complete the colour will be very intense and dark. It will take 3 – 7 days for this colour to settle and heal into the skin allowing the soft and natural colour to emerge. It is advised to not make important social engagement arrangements for at least 4 days after procedure.

Lip application will appear extremely dark and then flake to almost invisibility. Allow at least 4 weeks to determine the amount of colour retained. Due to the nature of the mucous membrane the colour will always have a subtle end colour and dark and defined colours are almost impossible to achieve.


1. The area treated will become inflamed and reddened, so it is advised to not make any social engagements for the days following the treatment.

2. On the day of the procedure and depending on the procedure you select, please apply your lip liner and / or eyebrow pencil as you would normally every day. Clients are not required to apply eyeliner pencil on the day. We can gladly make recommendations and corrections at the beginning of the appointment if required.

3. Any form of hair removal, bleaching or tinting should be performed at least 48 hrs pre procedure or 2 weeks post procedure.

4. Please do not wear your contact lenses during or after the procedure until swelling has completely subsided. Remember to bring your glasses.

5. If you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, it is recommended to visit your GP prior to any lip procedures for prescribed oral medication. Failure to do so will result in a herpes simplex break out which will destroy your permanent cosmetics.

6. If you have moles, warts or any other dermatological infections in or very near to the procedure area we kindly request that you contact us immediately to determine if the procedure can be done. Depending on the severity we may not be able to proceed with the procedure until a doctor has given written permission. This is for your safety and ours.

7. Pre and post photos may be taken and used for our online website and marketing publications.

8. Sensitivity of the application is greatly increased if the client is pre-menstrual.

9. Please refrain from the use of any alcohol, blood thinning meds e.g.  Aspirin, arnica, pain medication, anti-inflammatory, diuretics or recreational drugs 24 hours before the procedure. We use a topical anaesthetic to substantially reduce discomfort.

10. IMPORTANT: NO prescribed medication must be discontinued without permission from your doctor, if you are not sure if your medication will affect the procedure or vice versa, contact Permanent Perfection or preferably your doctor 48 hours prior to the scheduled procedure date.

11. Patch tests for the pigment is available free of charge upon request 48 hrs prior to the procedure.

12. Unfortunately, no one will be allowed to sit in on the procedure. All friends, etc will be asked to wait for you in the waiting room.

13. Generally, each procedure lasts one and a half hours. If you are having several done, add an extra hour per procedure to the time.

Please note that due to the nature of the procedures we suggest that you do not make arrangements for immediately after.


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