Permanent Lip Liner

Lips are one of the first things noticed about a person. Are your lips too light, too dark or just the wrong colour?

Permanent Make Up Lip Liner can correct any asymmetries and will add definition and fullness. In dramatic instances permanent lip liner procedures can even re-shape the look of your lips altogether.

The procedure can be applied lightly for a very natural look or more heavily for a dramatic look, depending on the client’s wishes.


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There’s no other makeup ritual that has to be repeated as often as the re-application of lipsticks, liners and glosses. They constantly smear off while eating, drinking, sweating and simply just by talking!

A Permanent lip liner free’s you from the nuisance of reapplying five times a day. Permanent Lip Liner shapes and defines your natural lip line as well as enhances your natural lip color, giving your lips a healthy, sexy appearance.

When Traditional Lip Liner is a challenge to achieve and maintain all day long, its time for a new solution… its time for Permanent Lip Liner.


* A “Touch Up” is advised (not compulsory) between 6 – 12 weeks after the 1st procedure @ R595.00.

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