Permanent Eyeliner

Are your eyes your best feature? They will be with permanent make up eyeliner! Women who use eye make-up generally use eyeliner, usually to enlarge or promote the look of the eyes.

More and more women are finding permanent eyeliner is the perfect answer for them.

Whether your goal is soft and smudgy or dark and defined, we will help determine the right look for your desired outcome. Eyeliner is a considered a “Make Up” must have. Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colours.

Be it a softer, more natural looking enhancement or a defined dramatic line, permanent eyeliner will ultimately define your look and emphasize your sensuality.


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From professionals to athletes to busy moms, more and more ladies are discovering the benefits of permanent eyeliner. It enhances your appearance, saves valuable time, and most of all, it will never smear or rub off your skin! 

Whether you are seeking that fresh-faced appearance or prefer a dramatic effect, Our permanent eyeliner application solves all.

* A “Touch Up” is advised (not compulsory) between 4- 12 weeks after the 1st procedure @ R595.00.


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