Permanent Make Up – Models for Students

We have various opportunities for Permanent Make Up procedures as a model. As a model our closely supervised students will preform your permanent makeup procedure with a qualified and highly experienced instructor only inches away.

Being a model is a safe process, our instructors are with the students at all times monitoring their every move. It allows people to take advantage of having permanent make up at a drastically reduced cost.

Please complete the form below to take advantage. Models will be required for the 18th July 2019 (Eyebrows), 19th July 2019 (Eyeliner) and 20th July 2019 (Lip Liner)

NB – only complete the form if you are genuinely interested and are able to make the designated dates and times. Students rely on you to arrive for the appointment, should you not arrive is the difference between them PASSING OR FAILING

Next Training Date

Starting 18th July 2019

• Eyebrows – 18th July 2019 
9 Models Required (9am, 12pm and 3pm)

• Eyeliner – 19th July 2019
9 Models Required (9am, 12pm and 3pm)

• Lip liner – 20th July 2019
9 Models Required (9am, 12pm and 3pm)


Supervised Instruction

Procedures are performed by students who are in training under the strict supervision of our instructors. Procedures are not performed by the instructors. The Instructor to student ratio is one Instructor to two students.

Cost of Procedure

The Cost for a Model is R200.00 per procedure
• Eyeliner
• Eyebrows
• Lip liner

Colour and Shape

The shape of the eyebrows and lip liner is always drawn on prior to the actual procedure. Once you have approved the shape and colour we then continue with the actual Permanent Make Up Procedure.

Booking an Appointment

With the Permanent Make Up Training program being very successful and popular we often experience a waiting list. Appointments are booked on a first come first serve basis.

The amount of students registered for a particular class determines the amount of models booked per month.

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