6D Microblading

Microblading is a manual, non-machine method form of permanent make up which is applied using a hand tool with a small blade consisting of “in line” needles that at the hands of the artist are dipped in pigment and “glided” through the skin creating a hair like line.

It is just one of the “permanent makeup” procedures which is relatively new to the South African Market and fast gaining popularity and is especially appealing lately, given the beauty trend for thicker brows.

Micro Blading is the Japanese Method of Semi Permanent Brows that was founded in the 90’s. It is also known under several other names including eyebrow embroidery, feathering or etching.  

There are many techniques and approaches to microblading. There are 1D Eyebrows, where the hair strokes all go in one direction.

There are 3D Eyebrows, where the hairstrokes are laid out in a specific pattern across the eyebrow ridges.

More recently, the “6D Eyebrows” has taken centre stage where the actual depth of the microblade varies on each individual hair stroke. This creates an even more dimensional and natural result.

All of these approaches are part of the art of microblading and often a combination of techniques is applied to achieve the desired result.

 * A “Touch Up” is advised (not compulsory) between 6 – 12 weeks after the 1st procedure @ R795.00.


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