Micro Needling Training

Duration – 1 Day

Micro Needling gives you an income producing skill that is easy to do, extremely effective and profitable at the same time.  Booking in advance is essential. Only 2 students will be trained during the course to ensure maximum attention for each student.

Everyone is welcome to attend our standard Microneedling training programme. There are no prior requirements needed.

Students who intend relocating and working overseas will need to attend an adjusted IECAB syllabus that complies with international requirements in order to become internationally recognised.

Interested students will need to meet prior enrolment criteria before attending this training programme. 

Contact us for pricing and availability for our Internationally recognized syllabus.

Students in Training

​During your micro needling training, you’ll receive classroom and hands on training in microneedling, safety procedures, skin preparation, treatment and post-treatment care and how to combine microneedling with other treatments for optimal results.

Students will perform 2 treatments themselves under the watchful eye of their instructor. On completion of your training, you will be ready to confidently treat clients on your own.

Booking in advance is essential. Only 2 students can be trained during the course to ensure maximum attention to each student while training.

This Device is Included

Dr Pen A6

Whether you are straight out of beauty school or you have been in the industry for years, our Microneedling curriculum is designed to make the most of your valuable time and to provide you with a positive and rewarding learning experience while in a relaxed environment. We are held to the highest standards, guaranteeing students quality training using approved curriculums and training materials.

By adding this valuable service to your repertoire of procedures offered you are virtually guaranteed to make your money back almost immediately.

Micro Needling is the Hottest Skincare Trend taking the beauty industry by storm. BOOK YOUR SPACE TODAY.

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Theory Curriculum
  • Morning Session – Theory

    Topics that will be covered

    – What is Micro Needling?
    – How Does Micro Needling Work?
    – Micro Needling Treatment Applications
    – Microneedling Device Comparisons
    – Skin Theory
    – Client Consultations
    – Identify Contra-indications
    – Needle Types & Selections
    – Anaesthetics  for client comfort
    – Preparation, Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization
    – Business Opportunities
    – Marketing Suggestions

Practical Curriculum

Afternoon SessionPractical Application

– Conduct Client Consultation
– Proper use of Client Documentation
– Demonstrate the Proper use of the Microneedling Devices
– Practical Application of Microneedling Techniques on Models

You will be required to set up your station and bed; give your model all the necessary documents to complete; take the relevant photographs; apply anesthetics; and complete your procedure. During this time you will have your instructor monitoring and helping you (where needed) through the procedure.

You will be assessed and marked based on the outcome of your procedure.


12pm – 2pm – Full Facial – (Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Skin Texture and Large Pores)
Stretch Marks – Treatment areas should be either Tummy, Hips, Legs or Arms.

Training + Kit

Kit Contents

1 x Dr Pen Microneedling Device
5 x 12 pin Cartridges
1x Bioscrub Cleanse
1 x Hand Disinfectant
1 x Box Procedure Gloves
1 x 50ml Hyaluronic Acid Serum (glide oil)
1 x Primary Cream Anaesthetic
1 x Roll / Box Plastic Skin Wrap
25 x Spread Spatulas


Book Your Seat

To ensure maximum attention only 2 students are trained at a time.

Due to the popularity of our training curriculum, seats do fill up quickly.

Contactable references from past students are also available on request.

In order to secure your training date, we require 50% Deposit within 48 hours of invoice  to secure your booking date / seat.

The 50% Balance – Payable on Arrival.

Deposits are no-refundable if booking is cancelled within 14 days of scheduled attendance.

A 10% Discount is also available if you pay the invoice in full.

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Contact Us: 082 794 7150.

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We are located in Fourways, Sandton (Gauteng):  View MAP

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We have put together various training combos based on the most popular training combinations that students regularly request.

Select from any of our training combos and take advantage of great savings.

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We are located in Fourways, Sandton (Gauteng):  View MAP

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